Curing Acne by Fasting

What is fasting for acne means?

When the word fasting is mentioned what comes to mind is “spiritual fasting”. Yes, spiritual fasting is a type of fast the Christian embarks on during lent or moment of challenges. Muslims during Ramadan and even the pagans do fast. But the fast I am talking about is for health and Acne treatment. Fasting is simply a rest from food, you will be surprised and wonder what fasting has to do with health and Acne cure.

It’s a technique that even works for complex disease. Why is it so? It is because our bodies are natural healed through the process of eliminating poisons and balancing chemistry. It promotes self-healing by casting off poisons. Fasting is an opportunity for rejuvenation the principle of fasting is straight forward “health” restored through cleaning” Note that our bodies have a limited capacity to store and eliminate non-digestible matters taken in through our diet.

Our foods these days are full of artificial colors, flavors preservatives, pesticides, insecticides hydrogenated oil and other indigestible chemicals that over load our liver skin and kidney. The beauty of fasting lies in its simplicity; it is simply a practice of abstinence. It increase energy and extends life. Fasting is one of the most rewarding of all acne cure regimes, the results come quickly and are visible.

When using fasting for Acne cure, you don’t jump into it. There has to be a pre-fast to prepare the body. A typical pre-fast is from one to three day or even one week, all that is needed is enough time for the body to make the transition from solid to juice. The pre-fast consists of specific vegetables, fruits and juices, note the Word “SPECIFIC” not all vegetables, fruits and juices can be used on a pre-fast diet.

Each day follows its own strictness, what to be taken on day one is different from day two and day three. There is also a pre-fast diet called mono-diet which is basically using a particular fruit throughout the fast because not all fruits can be used as there are cleansing fruits that prepare your body for the fast (this applies to those that want to lose weight).

The most important thing is to give your system break, it can be two weeks or one day, we always pile on food and just as workers are entitled to a day off the body also needs some time off to clean and repair itself. You may ask what about my sleeping time’ sleeping time is not a break it is when the body goes to work breaking down and eliminating waste. Anyone can do a one day fast considers the benefits of doing if once a week and then it will be 52 days per year, your skin will thank you and live longer.

Chemically speaking the fast is divided into two stages. The first few days of the fast is primarily devoted to body re-orientation, the system starts to change the PH of the stomach. The stomach contracts and the digestive tract is cleansed. During this period the body will experiences the most dramatic change water minerals especially sodium and potassium, water soluble- vitamins are heavily excreted in the early days. Note that the body may experience hunger, headaches or sweating and you may ultimate a lot these are all evidences of the fast.

During the second stage the lives starts to purge itself of toxic load throwing off these poisons into the blood steam for elimination

Pre-fast Menu.

  • Vegetables (limits two serving per day)
  • Eat– cucumber, carrot, lettuce, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Greens (spinach, Kale, etc)
  • Fruits (limit one serving per day)
  • Eat – Apple, Apricots, Grape fruit, melon
  • Oranges, Papaya, Peach, Pineapple, Tangerine and water melon.
  • Avoid – Avocados, Pumpkin
  • Avoid coconut, fruits juices, Mangoes, Bananas, Marmalade, Raisins and sugar Crated, fruits

Also note that

  • Vegetable and fruits should not be taken together during pre-fast
  • If the pre-fast is going to be for a week, during the first two day, only water melon and cucumber should be taken then on other day other fruits on be included because water melon helps to flush out be system.