Stress Does Not Make Acne Worse

Many people believe that acne is related to stress. This is simply not true because there are many stressed out individuals who are not breaking out with acne. Everybody has stress and it is a part of life. It is also a part of adolescence. Acne may cause you to become more stressed out because it is there, but it does not directly cause stress.

Medications that Aggravate or Create Acne

There are several medications that can do you more harm than good. When this comes to your acne, you want to avoid any that may make your situation worse. Many of these medications will aggravate your already existing acne or may cause you to breakout.

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Acne is Not Caused by Poor Hygiene

This myth seems to make sense, but it really is not true. Acne is caused by an overproduction of sebum. This is natural oil that is essential to your skin to keep it waterproof and hydrated. A lack of cleanliness does not cause acne. In fact, the products that cause acne are located deep inside tissues that you can’t clean. Over cleaning and scrubbing your skin too much or using harsh chemicals on your skin can cause you to irritate your skin, thus increasing your chances of acne.

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Does Your Diet Affect Acne?

It has long been believed that foods that are fried, chocolate or soda cause acne. Well, this great debate is over because it has been shown that these items have no scientific root linking them to acne.

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Hormones Causing Acne

Testosterone often causes acne to appear in athletes who use performance-enhancing drugs. Acne fulminansis is caused by testosterone and can have various affects on the body that would not normally be contributed to acne.

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